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Before Androgenix Health opened its doors in late 2015, Head Clinician, Juan Riojas, lead the charge at another prestigious Men's Clinic where his treatment protocol became the standard of practice. In fact, many men followed Juan from his prior clinic to Androgenix Health as they believe Juan is the ideal "healthy male hormone optimization practitioner" in Los Angeles - based on his depth of knowledge, care, and understanding.

Below are testimonials from just a handful of our very happy customers.


Christopher H. says: This Is Your Medical Man Cave!

Fellas - it's no secret that we hate going to the doctor; it's uncomfortable, we don't relate to the Dr; they're always telling you to stop eating this or drinking that or that you need more of this and less of that- it's not our favorite thing. Because of this, many of us go without proper medical and health guidance.

Let me tell you about Juan Riojas and Androgenix Health. This is your "Medical Man Cave"! An environment that makes you feel welcome; a place for men; a knowledgable, relatable and experienced medical professional who you can trust. Juan and his staff are focused on YOU and your health.

I highly recommend Androgenix Health and Juan Riojas to any man who is feeing like he may have lost a little bit of that fire that made him feel alive when in your teens and 20's. Don't settle for mediocrity and living with melancholy, restless sleep, diminished libido, loss of energy and mental focus. Come into the light and live up to your full potential! Juan and Androgenix will help you get that fire back.

Juan and Androgenix Health have changed my life and I can't thank him enough!

Jennifer R. says: This Place Is A GEM!

This place is a gem. It's not your typical doctors office it's very welcoming / clean and it has great decor - the wall colors are amazing and makes you feel at ease... everything is new.

Last month my husband did blood work at the hospital after going into the ER the doctor at the ER said everything was fine but my husband didn't feel so after getting his blood results. Long story short, we asked around to see if anyone knew a great facility we could go to after couple of recommendations we decided to give ANDROGENIX HEALTH a try... boy were we glad, it was very easy to set-up an appointment and the staff at this facility were very easy to work with and actually helpful!

Juan A. Riojas, who is the clinic director and an amazing knowledgable human being, was able to put both me and my husband at ease. He went over every single question we had and looked over his results; he came up with a great treatment plan which was very effective; my husband hasn't felt this great in years. He has gone in 2 times since our initial visit. He felt so great that he encouraged me to leave them a Yelp review. Juan Riojas is the type of Doctor that you hear about at the family dinner table that your family members are bragging about.

Bottom line: if you are looking for a medical facility that looks above and beyond your blood results and treats the cause and not only your symptoms, give Androgenix Health a call.

Ben L. says: I Refuse To See Anyone Else For Treatment!

I have been coming to see Juan Riojas for several years. Having been a patient at another men's clinic where Juan was the head Clinician, when he decided to open the doors of Androgenix Health, it was a no-brainer - I followed him!

Juan instantly raises the bar as a Clinician with his experience, knowledge and care. I refuse to see anyone else for treatment. Unlike other Clinicians, Juan cares only about giving good care and seeing his patients satisfied with the results. He is not in it just for the paycheck - and it is quite obvious.

I highly recommend this clinic. Juan changed my life for the best.

Mike G. says: Juan Is A True GURU!

There are people you meet in life that you just instantly LIKE and TRUST and Juan Riojas is one of those guys! Upon meeting him for the first time, I felt like I had known him for years. Juan makes you feel at ease and comfortable from the get-go which is very important when you're discussing things that might be uncomfortable for a man to talk about. His level of knowledge is truly impressive, but even more important than that, I could FEEL he cared about my overall health and well-being.

Gentlemen - I'm 42 years old and I am starting to notice a decline in my energy and sex drive so I've decided to do something about it. I met with a few "men's clinics" and my choice is to go with Juan and Androgenix Health. My decision is not because he has the best price or because he's the closest to me; it's because I feel most COMFORTABLE with him. If Testosterone Therapy is something I choose to do for a lengthy period of time, I want to work with someone I look forward to seeing every week or so, and someone I feel who is truly looking out for me. In my humble opinion, Juan is a true GURU!

Ray R. says: Glad My Issues Are Now Being Addressed.

After finding out I had primary hypogonadism, I tried to fix the problem myself with online products only to find they didn't help my testosterone levels. So a friend referred me to Juan who I have to admit is the guru about this type of medicine and good all around clinician, someone I would trust with my men's health concerns. I am definitely glad my issues are being addressed now in a safe and effective manner.



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